1. Title Page

Write your title of your term paper in UPPER CASE

Present your Group List in a table showing first the Matriculation Numbers, then the Names (Surname first in UPPER CASE), and Group Roles


2.  Term Paper

Your text must be prepared as a Microsoft Word document as .doc or .docx. No other formats will be entertained.

The term paper should be word processed in Times New Roman  font size 12,  in double line spacing on A4 paper.  

The title of  your term paper should appear on page 1 of the term paper, at the top of the page, before starting your introduction.

 The  text  of the term paper should be between 1500 to 2000 words. This translates to 6-8 pages on A4 paper.

The References should start on a new page and should not be numbered.

Any additional material may be included as Appendices.


1. Give your term paper the name of your group (i.e. save the file as e.g. AEE08) before you upload it. 

2. Your document should include the following items:  


Term Paper (consisting of Title page with the Group List, the text of the work and References).

3.Upload the appropriately named file to the site designated in your lecturer’s name. Please note that files sent to another lecturer’s site cannot be retrieved or re-directed. 

4. Check to see that your file is not corrupted by a virus, in which case it may not open or be downloadable for assessment.

5.Check also the status of your submission by clicking on assignment link and seeing that the MS word icon is there.

6. Only one submission per group is expected to be uploaded. The group is to choose who submits. Other group members must ensure they approve and see what is submitted.

Deadline: 12 Midnight November 30, 2019

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